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SetNet Server - is a network solution written in C #. Thanks to him, you can write server and client applications . SetNet Server was written on the basis of TCP ( which ensures that all of your messages will be delivered to the recipient without losses ) and UDP ( if you need fast work) protocol .
Switching between protocols just one line !
Networking solution available in the form of a library , so you can plug it into any project where there is connectivity . Net libraries. You can write a server console , shape or form in the game - it all depends on you.
Do your SetNet Server serialization method . Our serialization gives greater efficiency than standard types of serialization in C #.
With SetNet Server any user can write your server or client , whether experienced or not , the programmer .

Several advantages SetNet Server:

TCP - all your messages will be delivered .
UDP - switching protocols has never been so easy.
Convenience - With network solution is convenient to operate even for a novice .
Ease - running the server and client in a few lines of code.
Mono - your applications run on Linux servers.
Similarity with the Photon.
Russian-speaking author and community .
Support - quick answers to your questions.
Updates - constant updates .

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